Career Opportunities

POSITION: Head Counselor for After School Programs
SUPERVISOR: Youth Program Director
HOURS: Scheduled to fit program needs (usually 2-6)
SALARY: As per current salary schedule

1. Must possess a minimum of high school diploma.
2. Must possess the desire to work with school age children and have at least 2 years prior work experience with children OR an associate’s degree or equivalent
3. Must possess a NYS driver’s license
4. Must be 18 years of age or older.
5. Must complete all application requirements as per NYS regulations.
6. Must be subject to 3 month probationary period.

1. Will adhere at all times to NYS regulations and maintain safety and well- being of children as a priority at all times.
2. Will plan daily activities for assigned group, including homework supervision, arts and craft activities, group sports and individual activities as deemed by Youth Program Director.
3. Will be able and expected to complete all daily record keeping and know where all program records are in the event of program director’s absence and be able to execute emergency procedures.
4. Will follow all directives of program director and be flexible and accepting of routine changes as deemed necessary by the coordinator.
5. Will attend all staff meetings scheduled by program director and agency

6. Will participate in agency fundraisers, on site and on a volunteer basis.
7. Will understand and agree to the necessity for promptness and minimal absenteeism and will make every effort to schedule essential appointments for non-working hours.
8. Will understand and exhibit attitude and behavior essential to working as a team member and be professional in all dealings with coworkers, parents and other staff.
9. Will consistently seek immediate answers to questions and resolutions to problems as they arise by first consulting with direct supervisor. If answer is not resolved, will then consult with other administrators.
10. Will perform any housekeeping and maintenance duties as needed and directed by any supervisor or administrator.

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: Starting at $12.75 per hour


To apply please send resume to the Youth Program Director, Maggie Hall, at

If you have any questions, please call us at 518-272-8029 or email