Our Wish Lists

***Updated as of November 2020*** 

We DO NOT accept donations of stuffed animals or adult clothing.

We are currently NOT taking children's books, children's clothes, or toys. If you are looking for a good home for books, try donating to The RED Bookshelf.

Thank you!

Food Pantry Needs

Children's cereal

Kid friendly snacks

Toilet Paper

Male & Female Deodorant 

Youth Program Needs

Hope 7 Community Center

For general inquiries contact:

Email: hope7cc@gmail.com or hope7.michael@gmail.com

Phone: 518-272-8029

Fax: 518-272-5782

Youth Program:

Email: hope7.margaret@gmail.com

Phone: 518-272-8029

Food Pantry:

Email: hope7.sherri@gmail.com

Phone: 518-272-1547

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